Sunday, 8 November 2009

Walk number 9

Jen and Jessie have called for 99 walks around Leeds and today I provided their 9th. This was very intimidating as they started by telling me about some of the others: Maisie, who took them on an 8 minute hike from her house, up a ginnel, visited the sweetsop, then to the playground. Barefoot (yeah, in October).

It was billed as "the Riots Walk" which it was, sort of, but it was really a shameless opportunity to show them bits of Leeds that I like. Either they liked it or were very polite.

The Bourse is one of my very favourite urban views. Well done archtitect. Shortly after this, we saw a really very rare pillar box on King Street - I won't publish a picture so that later visitors can have the excitement of seeing it for the first time.

The John Poulson section of the tour was in an exceptionally lucky state.

The International Pool is now simply the canopy roof: below it a number of JCBs are playing some sort of game. There is a window aperture through which mortals [us] are allowed to watch.

J and J especially liked the spooky tunnel, I think. But who wouldn't, eh? 2 marks available to anyone who knows where the bottom picture is actually taken.

We culminated in the unfashionable part of Holbeck:
This is Low Hall Mill (see the carved name at the head of the arch) and it says rather more to me about Holbeck than the chintzy part just down the road.

Perhaps the most useful thing I did was to introduce them to The Grove, which technically was after the end of the walk. Derek was playing his fiddle, but they didn't meet him.

Jessie (or was it Jen?)
Jen (or Jessie ... ) - it wasn't meant to be this unflattering.

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