Saturday, 7 November 2009


Coffee is the #1 product in Ethiopia. I know these beans are FairTrde as the farmer pushed them up my nose when the car stopped in his village. The bag cost Birr20 - a quid - and would have cost 60 in Addis.

Note that the beans are - err - unprocessed.

Here you winess me roasting the beans according to careful instructions given in Ethiopia. I know I did it right as I asked 3 people and they told me 3 different things.

In the background, you see Normandy Pork in preparation.
And then you grind 'em up.

Suffice to say this did not work AT ALL - there was a subsequent messy phase with a pestle & mortar that you can imagine.
Et voila.

This fairly transparently (pun) didn't work, but it does provide a benchmark of sorts. If I ever get a cup of something remotely like coffee, I'll certianly let you know.

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