Monday, 10 May 2010

10 things that I like

I’ve been tagged by Hannah to do a post called “10 things that make me happy”. I had to check what it meant to be “tagged” and to “do a post”, but now I know so here you are.

  1. H.
  2. History. I like knowing what happened and why. And what else might have happened and why it didn’t. Although Jonathan says I use history as a weapon.
  3. Letter boxes and much other street furniture. No really. Most people don’t believe that the Letter Box Study Group exists.
  4. Alasdair Gray is one of my favourite authors (but only one of them).
  5. The Fenton, Leeds is often a rather ghastly pub, but I have a deep sentimental attachment to it as it was one of the very first pubs I went to in town, in 1979, and is distinguished by being the place where my daughter learned to crawl. Lots and lots of other things have happened there – space and discretion do not permit.
  6. Russian composers whose names begin with S. Although I don’t claim to know of them all.
  7. My grandson, whose name is an anagram of Linear Love Rod (although he doesn’t know that yet).
  8. Things to do with bikes, especially riding them.
  9. Things I grow in the garden
  10. My bees. I’ve only had them 6 months and I’m not sure I’m very good at them yet, but my, they are fascinating.

The way this works is that if you’re tagged here, you too have to do such a post. Let me know.

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