Friday, 29 May 2009

A ballot paper arrives

A ballot paper arrives. You have one vote, to be committed with a "X".

I hereby name the parties & the candidates you may know of.

BNP: 6 cands - incl A Brons
Christian Party: 6 cands
Conservative Party: 6 cands - incl T Kirkhope
English Democrats Party: 6 cands
Jury Team: 3 cands
LibDem Party: 6 cands - incl James Monaghan
No2EU, Yes to Democracy: 6 cands
Pro Democracy: 6 cands
Socialist Labour Party: 6 cands - incl K Capstick
Green Party: 6 cands - incl M Hemingway
Labour Party: 6 cands - incl L McAvan, R Corbett, E Hoddinott, D Bowe
UKIP: 6 cands

What shall I do now?

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